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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Yesterday arriving for my visit at Kaiser Permanente, I logged in at the arrival-for-your-visit machine that looks like an ATM but isn't.
After I inserted my Kaiser Permanente medical card, (which is like a credit card) I found my appointment, filled in all the details, and then the machine asked me a series of check box questions related to my medical issue.

'Did your injury occur at work?'
This made us laugh, trying to think of how I could injure my vagina at work.
1. I dropped a stamp pad in my lap and broke my cervix.
2. I was drinking a coffee that had a migrating fibroid in it.
3. I was turning the printer on when a surge of electricity gave me bacterial vaginosis.
Next question up was- 'Did your injury occur due to a slip or a fall at work?'
 1. I fell over my spirograph set and broke my womb.
2. While reaching for a pencil I slipped on my eraser and caught my uterus on the edge of my drawing table.
3. I was tattooing a client when I mistook my vagina for an ink pot.
There is so much humour to be found in the constant, ceaseless, relentless yet somewhat sad automated world in which we now find ourselves.

This drawing is called Hold That Goal-slow your pace, baby.
I was recently listening to a thing about a thing where you do nothing, or want for nothing or...I can't remember now.
Which started me thinking that instead of getting all f++ked up in the head by trying really hard to make 'things happen', a better way is to just hold the goal, and quietly carry on.

While searching for what that Chinese thing actually is, I came across this, which made me smile a lot.