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Friday, 1 August 2014

Boyfriend gone, dog dead.

Yesterday, while I was cycling back from Office depot, empty handed and in a slightly bad mood because I'd forgotten to take the memory stick that stored the drawing I needed printed, I stopped at the pharmacy looking for some black clothes dye.
Sitting on the footpath in front of the pharmacy was a thin blond woman wearing a red vest top, a blue skirt and a pair of slip on shoes.
Next to her on the footpath was a small black hand bag decorated with silver studs, and she was holding up a small cardboard sign that said-

After I couldn't find the clothes dye I decided to get the woman with the dead dog a sandwich.
There was no vegetarian option so I got her a sliced turkey and cheese sandwich and a bottle of orange juice.
At the checkout I got into a slight panic that the woman might be offended that I wasn't giving her money.
And there was really no reason I wasn't giving her money.
I just thought that if I was in her place I would have liked someone to give me a sandwich rather than some coins.
I was still wearing my helmet and sun glasses and sun visor when I walked up the woman and kneeled down slightly.
'I was just getting myself some breakfast and I thought you might like some, too.' I lied, and I gave her the bag.
'Oh, bless you, bless you,' the woman said.
'I hope you're not a vegetarian,' I said, 'they only had meat,'
The woman started to laugh and said no.
I noticed that she had no teeth in the front of her mouth and I hoped she was going to be able to eat the sandwich.
I said goodbye to her and she said 'Have a blessed day,' and I said thank you, you too.

I walked back to my bicycle and as I unlocked it a woman in Prada sunglasses, some kind of skintight moleskin jeans and something that looked like a cashmere tee shirt, waited while her pug shat on the footpath.
Then I watched her get into very large SUV, light a cigarette and drive away.

And I looked back at the thin woman with the gone boyfriend and the dead dog and she was taking the top off her orange juice.