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Sunday, 9 February 2014

I've done the illustrations for Allison Wright's Scatterling. It's the illustrated story of her life so far.

Late last year I wrote a comic book version of my life-Pictorial Recollections of a Life Partly Spent.
It's short and and sweet (unlike me), 80 vignettes of memorable events such as the one where, at 9 years old  on our way home from netball training, a man showed me and my friend his penis.

Now, just about ready for publication is Allison Wright's memoir- Scatterling for which I've done the illustrations.
It's the third set of memoirs I have worked and a proper happy-making experience at that.

Allison and I met online, guess where? Yeh, Facebook.
I've always found Allison interesting and eloquent and funny so when she asked me to do the illustrations for her memoir I got all excited.

We worked online on Allison’s life and now, after all the drawings and stories and conversations, I know Allison well enough to know that I really want to get to know her better. And go to Portugal where she lives.

Because drawing someone’s life isn’t just a job.
You get involved.

Once someone starts to tell you about their life, you want more detail, need more detail to add the little bits that make the author feel that you know them —such as the hat Allison’s dad wore, the sort of dress her mum liked, whether the kids dressed the same when they were young, how tall her grandfather was. All of these pieces of information help me to visually build someone’s life, but then it gets me ├╝ber-curious and involved. I come to know someone and it’s a happy, happy thing.
It was great when Allison got so excited when the drawings were just what she wanted, and very rewarding to know how much she loved them.

Scatterlings will be available in a few days at completelynovel.com, the excellent platform for book-making where I've published 3 of my own books, 2 comics and 1 text, and been involved in several others.
If you've got something to say in book form, I'd suggest head on over there and try them out.

Allison, by the way, spends a lot of time editing other people's English so if you are thinking of a memoir, or any other kind of book, really, get in touch with her if your stories need a bit of streamlining.
She's good at it!

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